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Why we oppose votes for men

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AVFM goes off the rails, if it was ever on them

AVFM, the notoriously garbage website run by the also-coincidentally-anonymous “Paul Elam” is offering a cash reward for invading the privacy of a blogger. They then promise to harass said blogger. Does anyone see this not leading to violence? Hat tip … Continue reading

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Amanda Knox Freed: recommended reading

What an effective Rorschach test this case has become for attitudes about women. In the anonymity of the internet, commenters feel free to expose their misogyny from the comments of “The scapegoating of Amanda Knox” Amanda Knox has been freed. … Continue reading

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File this under: I’m a bullying, fat-shaming jerk

So I get emails for supporters of Alan Grayson because at one time, I thought Alan Grayson might be an alright sort of dude. That time is no more. Grayson’s most recent email seemed to serve no purpose other than … Continue reading

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How do you criticize a marginalized person?

A Message from Your Humorless Feminist Overlords!: Hello my friends from r/MensRights! First, let me retitle your nonsense post “Q: How do you criticize a marginalized person? A: You can’t. Ever.” to what it is here “Q: How do you … Continue reading

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This weekend, I finished the Feminine Mystique

This book is a historical catalyst point. And what shocked me was more related to the fact that the whole book was even handed, statistical, and a generally good discussion of a society that disallowed women from being socially acceptable … Continue reading

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Totally Not Misogyny

[Trigger warning for violent language] Someone recently argued with me that r/MensRights is not misogynistic. I promptly went to r/MensRights, found disgusting examples of upvoted misogyny and shared them with that person. Their response? It’s only a small portion of … Continue reading

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