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MRAs do not understand feminists. Or math.

Indeed, feminists are among the most hateful creatures on this planet…Feminists hate women, too. That is, they hate all women who aren’t feminists. And these pro-choicers seem undeterred by the fact that three out of every four women choose not … Continue reading

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Add this to reasons why abortion should be legal.

I recently changed jobs and now work at a medical library.   We are currently going through our collection and I discovered a copy of “Abortion and its Treatment” from 1890.  Most of it deals with miscarriage, but one section … Continue reading

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Dating Jesus: A review. Or, How I Grew Up as written by someone else.

Over the holidays I finished the book Dating Jesus by Susan Campbell.   Growing up in a similar, but not as rigid fundamentalist Christian home myself, I felt that this book might be something I can relate to. Campbell’s writing … Continue reading

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