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Women who kick serious ass – The Jocelyn Elders edition

“….[M]y thoughts about women’s health come from the values that I grew up with. Reproductive rights are just an extension of every other kind of justice and right there is.”  –Jocelyn Elders in an interview with The Root published on … Continue reading

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Why referring to Women as “Females” is insulting

This should go into a new catagory called “SHIT I AM SICK OF SEEING.”  But then the organization would be screwed up and that’s another thing I’m sick of seeing. Female is an adjective.  Male is also an adjective.  It’s … Continue reading

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Awesome Updates

So, all last week’s blogging duties were put aside for depression. Fucking depression. But I’m feeling betterish now, and have some posts in the tubes for this week including a shout out to my current employer’s student newspaper and why … Continue reading

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Literally no evidence

I love the smell of ignorance in the morning! Good news, everyone! According a prolific commenter from r/MensRights, there is “literally no evidence supporting the idea that women had it any worse than the common man.” My favorite part of … Continue reading

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It’s just not true I’m a man eater, all the same, we should probably go dutch.

So, I accidentally blew two posts on one day yesterday, so have something to dance to since last night I wasn’t feeling posty.

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Why Language Matters: Crazy, Insane, and why protection can be an insult.

I am goddamn insane. I take medications for it, but the fact remains that I will have to deal with my mental illness for the rest of my life. It’s chronic, it’s incurable, and on some things, it makes me … Continue reading

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Feminist Guilty Pleasure

I generally dislike ableist, sexist language, but sometimes things are too damn funny. Behold, Zero Punctuation.  Weak characters are pussies, stupid things are retarded, and everything can suck balls. I feel mildly guilty for enjoying it so much, but hey, … Continue reading

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