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Musical Interlude Monday

Welcome back to the week my ducks. Since I was discussing Florence + The Machine with your other blogmistress Kita, I shall post a track that is getting some serious replaying on my end. Fun story:  This song references What … Continue reading

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So, I have another blog.  It is purely for librarianish things so I don’t clutter the place up with rants on copyright or in this case, information ethics. If you have not had enough of Scarlett Johansson drama, I wrote … Continue reading

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Dearest R/MensRights, I feel we’ve gotten to know each other quite well over the past couple of days and I can address you as dearest.  This is a thank you letter.  Due to your overwhelming interest in our little blog, … Continue reading

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We’re on Twitter!

Come join us! Or, suggest other fabulous feminists to follow in the comments.

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A Thought Experiment Best Left to the Audience

Who clicks on a blog called “SomethingFeministy” under a search term “Moose Screwing Man”? Seriously.  I kinda want to know. EDIT:  I apologize to our anonymous surfer.  The term was “Man Screwing Moose”  which brings up more questions.

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Awesome Updates

So, all last week’s blogging duties were put aside for depression. Fucking depression. But I’m feeling betterish now, and have some posts in the tubes for this week including a shout out to my current employer’s student newspaper and why … Continue reading

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It’s just not true I’m a man eater, all the same, we should probably go dutch.

So, I accidentally blew two posts on one day yesterday, so have something to dance to since last night I wasn’t feeling posty.

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