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Because you know what? That’s just bullshit.

Angie Varona was a 14 year old girl who took pictures of herself on the internet. Somehow, the pics were leaked and now she is a bit of an internet celebrity due to numerous people sharing images of herself for … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Scarlett Johansson

Dear Ms. Johansson, I’m writing to you in regards to the despicable thing that happened to you recently on reddit. It seems that some garbage nightmare of a person stole your personal photos, and then a number of horrible human … Continue reading

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Women who kick serious ass – The Jocelyn Elders edition

“….[M]y thoughts about women’s health come from the values that I grew up with. Reproductive rights are just an extension of every other kind of justice and right there is.”  –Jocelyn Elders in an interview with The Root published on … Continue reading

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Why referring to Women as “Females” is insulting

This should go into a new catagory called “SHIT I AM SICK OF SEEING.”  But then the organization would be screwed up and that’s another thing I’m sick of seeing. Female is an adjective.  Male is also an adjective.  It’s … Continue reading

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Totally Not Misogyny

[Trigger warning for violent language] Someone recently argued with me that r/MensRights is not misogynistic. I promptly went to r/MensRights, found disgusting examples of upvoted misogyny and shared them with that person. Their response? It’s only a small portion of … Continue reading

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Defaults and Privilege.

I’ve been thinking about my own privilege lately.  I’ll preface this by saying that I am extremely late to this blogging party.   As usual, it takes a bit for my thoughts to get into a state where they are … Continue reading

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Dating Jesus: A review. Or, How I Grew Up as written by someone else.

Over the holidays I finished the book Dating Jesus by Susan Campbell.   Growing up in a similar, but not as rigid fundamentalist Christian home myself, I felt that this book might be something I can relate to. Campbell’s writing … Continue reading

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