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Yay, nerdiness

No, seriously, what about teh menz? has an awesome analysis of one of my favorite stories ever.   Looking at the actual structure of the old stories, there is no way to read Robin Hood as other than an anti-feudalist … Continue reading

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MRAs do not understand feminists. Or math.

Indeed, feminists are among the most hateful creatures on this planet…Feminists hate women, too. That is, they hate all women who aren’t feminists. And these pro-choicers seem undeterred by the fact that three out of every four women choose not … Continue reading

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Musical Interlude Monday

Welcome back to the week my ducks. Since I was discussing Florence + The Machine with your other blogmistress Kita, I shall post a track that is getting some serious replaying on my end. Fun story:  This song references What … Continue reading

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So, I have another blog.  It is purely for librarianish things so I don’t clutter the place up with rants on copyright or in this case, information ethics. If you have not had enough of Scarlett Johansson drama, I wrote … Continue reading

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Oh Evo Psych. So promising, so misused and abused.

I audibly guffawed in my office.

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It’s a canard.

I don’t always like memes, but I love Men’s Rights Activist Marmoset.

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I never thought I’d say this…

r/mensrights has made me laugh. Generally, I look there, see the misogyny and, to a certain extent, misandry, and get angry and frustrated. NOT SO TODAY: “Women have  a lot of power over men… (cites study about moose).”  – Skobrin … Continue reading

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