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AVFM goes off the rails, if it was ever on them

AVFM, the notoriously garbage website run by the also-coincidentally-anonymous “Paul Elam” is offering a cash reward for invading the privacy of a blogger. They then promise to harass said blogger. Does anyone see this not leading to violence? Hat tip … Continue reading

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Stop Internet Misogyny Week – Day 1

Today’s required reading: TigerBeatdown on #mencallmethings The good news? Because I hate online misogyny, I’m an “ALL-POWERFUL TOTALITARIAN OF THE SORT DESCRIBED BY GEORGE ORWELL” – pssht, as if you didn’t know that. Here at gynocrat central, we’re all about … Continue reading

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Today in stereotypes that hurt everybody: “Men can’t control themselves.”

So, I was discussing with some of my venerable r/Shitredditsays Colleagues about men’s sexuality this morning. One of the things as a feminist I find so terribly frustrating is this constant mantra from many men about how men cannot control … Continue reading

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Totally Not Misogyny

[Trigger warning for violent language] Someone recently argued with me that r/MensRights is not misogynistic. I promptly went to r/MensRights, found disgusting examples of upvoted misogyny and shared them with that person. Their response? It’s only a small portion of … Continue reading

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