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Why we oppose votes for men

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AVFM goes off the rails, if it was ever on them

AVFM, the notoriously garbage website run by the also-coincidentally-anonymous “Paul Elam” is offering a cash reward for invading the privacy of a blogger. They then promise to harass said blogger. Does anyone see this not leading to violence? Hat tip … Continue reading

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Stop Internet Misogyny Week – Day 1

Today’s required reading: TigerBeatdown on #mencallmethings The good news? Because I hate online misogyny, I’m an “ALL-POWERFUL TOTALITARIAN OF THE SORT DESCRIBED BY GEORGE ORWELL” – pssht, as if you didn’t know that. Here at gynocrat central, we’re all about … Continue reading

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Stop Internet Misogyny Week

Like many other bloggers, I’ve decided to cover Stop Internet Misogyny Week. It’s a topic that needs more attention, and is a topic near and dear to my heart. Echidne has a great overview of some of the posts that … Continue reading

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Unless you’re involved in DV support and advocacy in some way, you might not know October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. You probably do know that it’s also breast cancer awareness month. If you go shopping, you won’t find stores … Continue reading

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Amanda Knox Freed: recommended reading

What an effective Rorschach test this case has become for attitudes about women. In the anonymity of the internet, commenters feel free to expose their misogyny from the comments of “The scapegoating of Amanda Knox” Amanda Knox has been freed. … Continue reading

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MRAs do not understand feminists. Or math.

Indeed, feminists are among the most hateful creatures on this planet…Feminists hate women, too. That is, they hate all women who aren’t feminists. And these pro-choicers seem undeterred by the fact that three out of every four women choose not … Continue reading

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