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Yay, nerdiness

No, seriously, what about teh menz? has an awesome analysis of one of my favorite stories ever.   Looking at the actual structure of the old stories, there is no way to read Robin Hood as other than an anti-feudalist … Continue reading

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Musical Interlude Monday

Welcome back to the week my ducks. Since I was discussing Florence + The Machine with your other blogmistress Kita, I shall post a track that is getting some serious replaying on my end. Fun story:  This song references What … Continue reading

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Why referring to Women as “Females” is insulting

This should go into a new catagory called “SHIT I AM SICK OF SEEING.”  But then the organization would be screwed up and that’s another thing I’m sick of seeing. Female is an adjective.  Male is also an adjective.  It’s … Continue reading

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It’s just not true I’m a man eater, all the same, we should probably go dutch.

So, I accidentally blew two posts on one day yesterday, so have something to dance to since last night I wasn’t feeling posty.

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