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Today in stereotypes that hurt everybody: “Men can’t control themselves.”

So, I was discussing with some of my venerable r/Shitredditsays Colleagues about men’s sexuality this morning. One of the things as a feminist I find so terribly frustrating is this constant mantra from many men about how men cannot control … Continue reading

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Feminist Hulk would be more succinct than me.

I hate that to be taken seriously I either have to pretend to be a dude on reddit, or I have to work and have the credentials of 4 guys in a similar field. It’s not enough that I worked … Continue reading

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Why referring to Women as “Females” is insulting

This should go into a new catagory called “SHIT I AM SICK OF SEEING.”  But then the organization would be screwed up and that’s another thing I’m sick of seeing. Female is an adjective.  Male is also an adjective.  It’s … Continue reading

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Why Language Matters: Crazy, Insane, and why protection can be an insult.

I am goddamn insane. I take medications for it, but the fact remains that I will have to deal with my mental illness for the rest of my life. It’s chronic, it’s incurable, and on some things, it makes me … Continue reading

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