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In which MRAs fail to identify an ally, also fail to do anything about an “enemy”

So Reader’s Digest (it’s still around, who knew?) publishes an advice column. In it, the agony aunt gives a tongue-in-cheek response to some very silly behavior. Now, in this humble writer’s opinion, it’s not a very good joke. I imagine … Continue reading

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Add this to reasons why abortion should be legal.

I recently changed jobs and now work at a medical library.   We are currently going through our collection and I discovered a copy of “Abortion and its Treatment” from 1890.  Most of it deals with miscarriage, but one section … Continue reading

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Feminist Guilty Pleasure

I generally dislike ableist, sexist language, but sometimes things are too damn funny. Behold, Zero Punctuation.  Weak characters are pussies, stupid things are retarded, and everything can suck balls. I feel mildly guilty for enjoying it so much, but hey, … Continue reading

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Interesting post on the use of “Offensive”

“The problem with sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, ableist, etc., remarks and “jokes” is not that they’re offensive, but that [they] rely… for their meaning on harmful cultural narratives….”

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