Stop Internet Misogyny Week

Like many other bloggers, I’ve decided to cover Stop Internet Misogyny Week. It’s a topic that needs more attention, and is a topic near and dear to my heart.

Echidne has a great overview of some of the posts that kick off Stop Internet Misogny Week, I recommend reading all the links. I thought I would touch on the most important points here.

  1. The level of malicious attacks women receive is probably higher than the level of malicious attacks men receive.
  2. The types of threats or attacks vary by the perceived gender of the writer or blogger.
  3. Internet misogyny is not the same thing as honest criticism or arguments about the topic itself.

You come to expect it, as a woman writer, particularly if you’re political. You come to expect the vitriol, the insults, the death threats. After a while, the emails and tweets and comments containing graphic fantasies of how and where and with what kitchen implements certain pseudonymous people would like to rape you cease to be shocking, and become merely a daily or weekly annoyance, something to phone your girlfriends about, seeking safety in hollow laughter. – Laurie Penny

How can we combat misogyny online, dear reader?

Reddit is so rife with misogyny and sexism that specific subreddits have been set up to monitor and report it. I’ve received repeated death threats, threats of violence, and fanatics have tracked down and posted my personal information. On the whole, these threats have been met with near-total dismissal from admins and mods. After all, I’m a woman, writing about controversial topics online, didn’t I expect that someone would threaten to rape me to death?

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4 Responses to Stop Internet Misogyny Week

  1. Sigil says:

    Might be important to note that feminist bloggers are the only prominent group that are actively hiding abuse victims and protecting abusers and many find feminist some beliefs are offensive.

    Not that that justifies nasty trolling, it’s likely a contributing factor.

    • Sigil says:


      “many find some feminist beliefs offensive..”

    • Kita says:

      Right, that argument makes perfect sense. Basically you just said “Listen, I’m not saying you deserved it, but here’s the reason you totally deserve it.”

      And of course, you totally miss the fact that the articles in the source are not just from feminist bloggers.

  2. Sigil says:


    The test group is over weight with feminists. Any group that is is brushing abuse victims under the carpet and hiding abuse as policy, is going to attract negative attention. This innocent damsel in distress week is gloss over the fact that most of the on line drama is because of feminists publishing lies and/or offensive material. The feminist bloggers mentioned invite challenges every time they chose to tell lies and/or publish offensive material. At the same time these challenges are not the same thing as nasty trolling, which shouldn’t be happening.
    Standards of “misogyny” “harassment” and “abuse” are very low on most feminists blogs and false accusations of “misogyny”, “harassment”, “abuse” or sexual slurs to do with rape are scattered around liberally, because if that I don’t take this damsel in distress week very seriously at all.

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