In which MRAs fail to identify an ally, also fail to do anything about an “enemy”

So Reader’s Digest (it’s still around, who knew?) publishes an advice column. In it, the agony aunt gives a tongue-in-cheek response to some very silly behavior.

Now, in this humble writer’s opinion, it’s not a very good joke. I imagine the readers of Reader’s Digest are somewhat unable to pick up on sarcasm. You know who else shares that trait? reddit’s MRAs. So of course, this was published there (and cross-posted to r/wtf, where it garnered even more attention). Readers were simply up in arms.

If you’re saving your sanity points, or don’t want to click on r/MR, I’ll regale you one of the most darling:

Isn’t that adorable?

But the truly titillating is the second most up-voted comment:

You see, I carefully read through all the excitement and vitriol on this “Men’s Rights Inactivists” post. Not a single one had done anything about this horrid misandrist article, instead they pointed the finger at “feminists” (which they welcome so warmly) and demanded they do something about it. If that doesn’t sum up the “activisim” on r/MensRights, I don’t quite know what does

Additionally, someone is kind enough to point out that the entire article is satire, but this, of course, flies right over their heads.

So I decided to email the writer directly. When you google her name, the very first link is her official page, complete with email address.

Here’s my email:

If she responds, I’ll be sure to post here.

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3 Responses to In which MRAs fail to identify an ally, also fail to do anything about an “enemy”

  1. Catalogue says:

    Ah the stupidity and hypocrisy of a manbooz peep pulling other people up for doing exactly what they do themselves. At least r/mr does more than quote mine.

    • Meg says:

      Is this comment in English? Or am I just not embroiled enough in reddit drama to understand what this is supposed to say? It reads like Markov chain output.

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