I never thought I’d say this…

Look at those smiles, ladies and so inclined gents!

r/mensrights has made me laugh. Generally, I look there, see the misogyny and, to a certain extent, misandry, and get angry and frustrated. NOT SO TODAY:

“Women have  a lot of power over men… (cites study about moose).”  – Skobrin in r/shitredditsays

Those damn female moose, tempting those male moose with their wiles.  Dudes just can’t withstand that sort of temptation, amiright?

So, much like moose, is the commenter suggesting that there is a lack of higher order thinking in men when women are concerned?   I mean, I understand the comparison somewhat.  Both can be referred to as horny; men, like moose, are often tall, and there are a fair number of rather hairy guys, but beyond those superficial and rather stretched examples I’m stumped.

(Before the MRs get their knickers in a twist over this, this comment is downvoted into oblivion on a similarly downvoted post… I just found it hilarious)


About Dee

Dee is a hardworking twenty-something working as a medical librarian in Texas. Her ability to go on tangents and create non-sensical metaphors is almost legendary.
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