Awesome Updates

So, all last week’s blogging duties were put aside for depression. Fucking depression.

But I’m feeling betterish now, and have some posts in the tubes for this week including a shout out to my current employer’s student newspaper and why we still need an Equal Rights Amendment. And possibly on the threat of female sexuality in The Graduate. I was going to go into the historicity of the spearhead forums, but quite frankly, it requires more in depth research than I wish to partake in at the moment, what with packing, easter, conferences, job hunting, a shiny new academic research paper (come on, Inter-Library Loan, give mama some sugar!), and oh, my day job.

Question: Is it worth citing things in a blog if the best citations are from a locked down database by wiley?  I can’t decide.


About Dee

Dee is a hardworking twenty-something working as a medical librarian in Texas. Her ability to go on tangents and create non-sensical metaphors is almost legendary.
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