Feminist Guilty Pleasure

I generally dislike ableist, sexist language, but sometimes things are too damn funny.

Behold, Zero Punctuation.  Weak characters are pussies, stupid things are retarded, and everything can suck balls.

I feel mildly guilty for enjoying it so much, but hey, something about hearing an Australian dude say “Baaaaaallllllllllllls” loudly and relatively quickly, makes me giggle like an 8 year old boy.   And I’m ok with that because goddamnit, I do have a sense of humor, and sometimes it isn’t terribly refined. Also, everyone likes a good take down of games, which tend to be generally well reviewed recently, no matter how good they are.

Not to mention that the most recent blog post is about homosexuality in Dragon Age II, and it’s treated almost surprisingly well.

In short, my feminist guilty pleasure involves me laughing about crude jokes.  I have more refined tastes as well, but those sure as hell aren’t guilty. After all, there’s very few people in the world that can giggle like an 8 year old boy at Mary Wollstonecraft’s take down of Voltaire, and I’m one of them.

Additionally, wordpress kept stripping the HTML out of my post. Bad WordPress. No cookie.


About Dee

Dee is a hardworking twenty-something working as a medical librarian in Texas. Her ability to go on tangents and create non-sensical metaphors is almost legendary.
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