Dating a Younger Man

I am thirty. My boyfriend is twenty-two. For those of you too lazy to do the math, that makes him eight years younger. It matters very little to me, we’re sorting through that difference on our own. However, age differences are one of the easily identifiable traits that you’re “allowed” to mock. Most of my friends are pretty enlightened, but I do hear good-natured ribbing about “cougars*” and “cradle-robbing.” However, those same people turn right around and say if the difference were reversed – a thirty year old man dating a twenty-two year old woman – he’d be getting high-fives or no one would think twice about it.

*The term “cougar” absolutely makes me want to projectile vomit. Not only is it objectifying women, completely zoomorphizing them (which is pretty common) but there’s no male equivalent. Seriously. Try to think of one.

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2 Responses to Dating a Younger Man

  1. Steph says:

    Old Dirty Bastard? Does that count?

  2. GudEnuf says:

    I have dated a much older woman in the past, and we experienced the kind of bigotry you mention. One time we were on the bus and people just started asking if my girlfriend was a prostitute. (No disrespect for prostitutes, but they meant it as an insult.)

    Ironically, part of the reason we broke up was because she couldn’t handle the gender role shift. Her insistence that I act like a “traditional gentleman” got on my nerves. For example, she expected me to buy her dinner even though her salary was 4 times my own.

    But seriously, kudos for going after the man you want! The world needs more women like you.

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